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Road bike beginner course

A course where even road bike beginners can ride safely + Tama Sai Mini Tour

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Beginner road course & Tama Sai mini tour

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After the course on how to ride a road bike, RIDEAWAY staff will lead you around the Tama cycling course.
Our staff will support you so that you can enjoy your rental at RIDEAWAY safely and happily.


Date and time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.

​Next event:

・3/30 (Sat) 11:00am-12:10am

・3/31 (Sunday) 11:00 am-12:10am

Location: RIDEAWAY Nakanojima Home ~ Nikarei Seseragikan
Participation fee: 1,000 yen + road bike rental fee

(Helmet and protector rental included)

Number of participants: Maximum of 2 groups/4 people (single participation is also OK)

*For your safety, we recommend bringing and wearing gloves.

*If you have bicycle insurance, you will receive a 200 yen discount.

How to apply

① Register as a RIDEAWAY member ② Reserve a road bike on the day of the course from My Page *Choose your favorite road bike.

*When making a reservation, please set the time to an available time. (Due to the system, it may not be possible to make a reservation at the start time of the course, but don't worry, we can provide bicycles.)
③ Apply from the seminar application form *Up to 2 people can apply at the same time.

Participation conditions

  • Rent a road bike at RIDEAWAY on the day

  • Being able to ride a regular bicycle without any problems

  • Participation fee: 1,000 yen + reservation for road bike


① Road bike beginner course @ Nakanojima home 30 minutes

  • Safety training

    • We will explain the precautions for driving safely.

  • Position (saddle height) adjustment

    • If you are unsure, please talk to the staff and decide on a lower setting.

  • Lecture on how to ride

    • Learn the basics of how to ride safely and enjoyably, such as how to straddle, how to grip the steering wheel, and how to use the brakes and gears.

  • Traffic rules & hand sign confirmation

    • Learn about bicycle traffic rules and how to ride in a group.

② “Tama Rhinoceros” mini tour 15-30 minutes

  • Move from Nakanojima platform to Tama Sai and ride

    • After a 1-2 minute test drive, if there are no problems, we will start the tour.

  • Run Tama Rhinoceros!

    • Our staff will lead you on a 15-30 minute route through Tama Rhinoceros.

③ Local dissolution

  • We will disband after the mini tour. After the tour, enjoy free rental bicycles for the day.


  • Clothes that are easy to move in

    • Sneakers are recommended (all bicycles have flat pedals).

    • Avoid pants with wide hems as they can get dirty.

    • On days when the temperature is high, it is recommended that you prepare a change of clothes after running.

    • For your safety in the event of an emergency, we recommend wearing gloves (available in stores).

  • drink

    • For hydration. There is a vending machine near the store.

    • You can carry it around with the bottle holder that is included on your bike.


  • For your safety, please follow the instructions from the staff during the tour.

  • Please wear a rental helmet (free of charge) or bring your own to protect your head.

  • If your driving ability is insufficient during the test drive, your participation may be postponed at the instructor's discretion.

  • Click here to learn more about our bicycle insurance.

  • The event may be canceled depending on the weather or social situation on the day. Participants will be promptly notified via email, etc.

  • The end time may vary depending on the participants' running pace.


  • Can I bring my luggage?

    • Please prepare a small bag such as a rucksack or body bag.

    • Since heavy luggage can easily cause you to lose your balance while driving, please leave it in a locked locker inside the store.

  • I have never ridden a road bike before, is that okay?

    • There is no problem if you can ride Mamachari City Cycle freely, but please refrain from participating if you have been absent for a long time or if you are concerned about riding the bicycle itself.

  • Can children also participate?

    • Children are welcome to participate, but the size of the road bike must be over 146cm.
      For safety reasons, those under 150cm are not allowed to participate.


Membership registration is required to use RIDEAWAY.

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