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How to use RIDEAWAY

You can rent road bikes and cross bikes.

We also provide support from our staff and hold events such as seminars and tours.


First, register as a member and make a reservation

Please register as a member here. After registering as a member, you can perform all procedures for reservations, reservation confirmation, and cancellation on My Page.

Full day rental OK

RIDEAWAY is a daily rental. You can freely set the rental start time and return time within business hours. Enjoy a special time from walking around the area to long distance rides.


Please come to the reserved store at the reserved time.

Please come to the departure store around the departure time of your reservation. After confirming the reservation screen, you will be asked to copy your ID and sign the terms and conditions. Afterwards, our staff will provide you with simple guidance.

What to bring on the day

  • Smartphone (Check your reservation information on My Page)

  • Identification card (driver's license, student ID, My number card, etc.)​

rental options

Bottle holders and lights are standard equipment on all bicycles. Helmet rental is included in the rental fee. Smartphone holders and saddle cushions are available for rental at an additional charge, so please ask at the store if you would like to use them. (Number of each is limited)

About clothing when riding

Just because you're riding a cross bike or road bike, you don't need to wear professional clothing. Please feel free to enjoy it while wearing clothes that allow you to move your body.

About cancellation

  • Depending on the probability of rain the day before, your reservation may be automatically canceled for safety reasons. In the event of automatic cancellation, a notification will be sent to your registered email address. Even if it is not canceled by the day before, it may be canceled depending on the weather on the day.

  • If you wish to cancel due to your convenience, please cancel from My Page as much as possible the day before. If you need to cancel on the same day, please cancel from My Page or call the store.

  • If you do not arrive one hour after the scheduled departure time, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.​


Please return to the return store at any time you like .

Please return to Nakanojima Platform by the final return time.

Please be sure to call us if you will not be able to make the final return time.

If you call us, we will be waiting for you with peace of mind, but if we do not receive a call, our staff may become worried and have to search for you.

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