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Insurance and compensation when using rental bicycles

At RIDEAWAY, we have insurance for bicycle rental companies and insurance with the green TS mark, and the insurance will cover the following in the event of an accident while using a rental bicycle.

*​Details on the TS Mark coverage can be found on the introduction page of the Japan Traffic Management Technology Association .

Green TS mark compensation details

~Compensation in case of injury to another person~

Regardless of the cause, if the customer is legally liable for damages due to death or injury to a third party.


Compensation amount

death or injury

Up to 100 million yen

*Includes settlement negotiation service

If the customer injures a pedestrian or damages property due to improper maintenance of the bicycle, etc.

Condolence money

(Normal time)

Solatium money

(When opponent dies)

20,000 yen

100,000 yen

~Compensation for injuries caused by your own accident~

When the customer is legally liable for damages due to death or injury caused to a third party, regardless of the cause.


Compensation amount

Death or severe disability (grades 1 to 4)

500,000 yen


Compensation amount

Hospitalization (15 days or more)

50,000 yen

If the customer is injured due to improper maintenance of the bicycle, etc.

Compensation amount

Up to 100 million yen

*The grade of severe residual disability corresponds to the grade specified in the Automobile Liability Security Act.

*Property damage accidents are not covered.

*The customer will be responsible for any accidents that are not covered by the above coverage. In addition, if the bicycle is damaged, malfunctioned, or stolen due to causes other than poor maintenance, the customer will be responsible for the actual costs.

Information on using 1-day insurance

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance's `` 1DAY Leisure Insurance '' can be used as compensation for the user.

You can join for one day, and you can easily join from your smartphone or 7-Eleven.

We recommend that you subscribe in advance before using the service.

Please check Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance's 1-day leisure insurance contract plan type for the coverage details.

In addition, there is " Outdoor Insurance " that can be purchased from PayPay from the first day.
From 180 yen, choose the coverage that suits you.
You can join from the PayPay app on your smartphone.

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