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A new service that provides a marketing base for sports bike manufacturers. Direct approach to Tama Sai cyclists

Distribution date: September 8, 2022

We have launched a new service that provides bicycle rental stores as marketing bases for sports bike manufacturers. We provide a communication space between manufacturers and fans that approaches cyclists in a convenient location 30 seconds from the Tamagawa Cycling Road.

RIDEAWAY Nakanojima Home, a Tamagawa bicycle rental facility operated by Symmetric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazutoshi Sakata) in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a marketing base for sports bike manufacturers. We have started a "road bike test ride base service" where you can use our stores. Because our store is close to the Tamagawa Cycling Road and the Minami-Tama Ridge Main Road, which is popular with cyclists, we are able to directly communicate the manufacturer's appeal to cyclists.

▼Overview and inquiries about “Road bike test ride base service”

Tamagawa rental bicycle “RIDEAWAY” official website

■Providing a marketing base for sports bike manufacturers near the Tamagawa Cycling Road

The road bike test ride base and service started by RIDEAWAY Nakanojima Home, a Tamagawa rental bicycle in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a service that allows sports bike manufacturers to use the store as a base for test rides.

Service contents:

  • Providing store space for bicycle rental "Rideaway", 3 minutes (270m) from Nakanojima Station on the Nambu Line and 1 minute (100m) from Tamagawa Cycling Road (used in parallel with regular rental business)

  • Weekends, Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-18:00 (negotiable) 4 consecutive weeks

  • Bike maintenance tools set

  • Test drive guidance and support from store staff (various, negotiable)

  • Providing test drive courses and lending tracking devices

  • Implementation and report of test driver questionnaire

  • Attracting customers through motorcycle introduction web pages, SNS/web advertising (budget consultation*)


Basic cost: 300,000 yen

4 weeks, Saturdays and Sundays, total 8 days

Bike introduction web page

Options: Negotiable

Questionnaire (paper)

Bike explanation by staff

Facility use/store preparation

Visitor information (priority to rental business)

Continuous web/SNS transmission

Acquisition of test drive data

Rideaway member email newsletter notification

Advertisement (Web/SNS)

The Tama River Cycling Road is one of the most popular cycling roads in western Tokyo, stretching a total distance of 50 km and used by cyclists for daily cycling and training.

The bicycle rental "RIDEAWAY Nakanojima Home" is located 25 km from the mouth of the Tama River, and is in a good location where many cyclists pass through. There are traffic lights and ramps, so you can safely access the cycling path from the store without having to make any detours.

Additionally, the Minami-Tama Ridge Main Road, which was used for the cycling competitions at the Tokyo Olympics, is 3km away, providing quick access to courses popular with cyclists.

Since it is easy for cyclists who use popular cycling courses to stop by on a daily basis, it is possible to directly deliver the appeal of the manufacturer to cyclists.

■“Road bike test ride base service” service provision process

Location: Tamagawa Rental Cycle “RIDEAWAY Nakanojima Home” (Eclage, 6-11-1 Nakanojima, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 214-0012)

Access: 3 minutes walk from Nakanojima Station on the JR Nambu Line

2 weeks ago (manufacturer):

Selection of test ride bikes (up to 4 bikes)

Providing introductory data such as photos, features, sizes, etc.

1 week ago (ride away):

Publication of introduction web page, confirmation of survey items

Mutual links, web advertisements, e-mail newsletters, etc. announcements (contents negotiable)

The day before the test drive and the morning of the first day:

Bringing in a test ride bike, explaining the store situation, and confirming the arrangements.

Test drive date:

Test bike display/panel notice/video

Dealing with visitors (explanation of bikes, test ride information, questionnaires, ID verification)

Finished (bike inspection, questionnaire sent)

In case of rain (can be used as a purchase consultation room)

During the test drive period:

Test driver testimonials posted online and posted on SNS (Monday)

Continuous advertising

Test drive period ends:

Permanently post the test drive page (can be reused next time)

Submission of questionnaire/report

Service overview and inquiry link page

(Tamagawa rental bicycle “RIDEAWAY” official website):

■Tamagawa rental bicycle “RIDEAWAY Nakanojima Home” store overview

Address: Eclage, 6-11-1 Nakanojima, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 214-0012

Access: 3 minutes walk from Nakanojima Station on the JR Nambu Line

Phone number: 090-8011-0031

Business hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Regular holidays: Irregular holidays


[About Symmetric Co., Ltd.]

Head Office: 6F Yamazaki Building, 2-43-15 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063

Representative: Representative Director Kazutoshi Sakata

Established: December 2001

Phone number: 03-5454-9687 (main)


Business content: Web marketing and consulting business (access analysis, development and provision of SEO analysis solutions and construction solutions, etc.), bicycle rental business, etc.

[Inquiries for the general public]

Please contact us from our homepage.


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