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“Traveling Coffee Shop OrangeBlue” opens at RIDEAWAY Nakanojima

Enjoy freshly ground and brewed hand drip coffee on Nakanojima

``Traveling Coffee Shop OrangeBlue'' is at the RIDEAWAY Nakanojima store.
OrangeBlue is a mobile coffee shop operating from Kanagawa to the Kanto area using a van and motorcycle. We hand brew freshly ground coffee one cup at a time to suit your needs.

True to our message of ``Enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime moment,'' our menu offers coffee that suits each individual, from daily single origins to original blends.

Please enjoy the rich aroma and flavor of the coffee while enjoying the conversation with the owner, Hiro.

#If you have time

#The beginning is OrangeBlue

Traveling coffee shop OrangeBlue@Hiro

twitter @cafe_OrangeBlue



  • Speciality coffee

    • Today's single origin

  • Original blend coffee

    • ROUTE16

  • Caffeine less coffee

    • Mexico

  • Arragne coffee

    • milk coffee

and more

~Please check the menu for the day at the store~

Store opening overview

Special opening of traveling coffee shop OrangeBlue

Date and time: June 24th (Sat) 10:00-16:00

Saturday, July 29th 10:00-16:00

Location: RIDEAWAY Nakanojima store

3 minutes walk from Nakanojima Station on the JR Nambu Line ( Access )

Address: Eclage, 6-11-1 Nakanojima, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 214-0012

Go eco-friendly by bringing your own cup “#MyCupOperation”

OrangeBlue aims to operate in a sustainable manner and is promoting the #MyCupOperation, which uses customers' own cups when serving coffee.

If you agree with this idea or are concerned about reducing waste, please come and bring your own cup.

You can also see the execution of “My Cup Operation” on the Twitter hashtag.

#My cup strategy

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