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Cannondale Gravel Road
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What is "gravel road"?

Gravel is the word for "gravel.
As the name suggests, a gravel road bike is a road bike that can be ridden on gravel roads.

It combines the best of both worlds: the drop handlebars of a road bike for long rides and the larger tires of a mountain bike for riding on dirt roads.

They are also designed for long touring trips, so they are comfortable on both paved and unpaved roads and for long rides.

In addition, the bike is recommended for those who want to be adventurous and enjoy exhilarating rides in nature, as it has a wide expandable range that can be fitted with a lot of camping equipment and carriers, and disc brakes that maintain stable control even on wet surfaces.


The distinctive fat tires encourage comfortable long rides.

Gravel Road Features

1. tires

The tires on gravel roads are thicker than those on regular road bikes, making them more comfortable to ride on unpaved roads. In addition, the rugged grooves in the tires provide a good grip on gravel and wet roads.

Gravel road tires
Road Bike Tires


Gravel road frames have more bolt holes than road or cross bikes. These are holes for attaching camping gear and bags, allowing for more cargo.

Gravel road frame
Road Bike Frames

3. handle

Gravel road handlebars have a "C" shape that curves outward and widens compared to road bike handlebars. This is designed to provide greater control for firm handling on rough surfaces.

Gravel road handle
Road Bike Handlebars

Gravel road rideable on RIDEAWAY

1. topstone 2 (160-175cm height)

The dark green color of the Topstone 2 features the GRX, a gravel-specific component made by Shimano, including brake levers designed for easy braking on rough roads. It also has hydraulic disc brakes that work well with light force, so you can stop safely even on unpaved roads.



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2. topstone 4 (height 147-165cm)

The Topstone 4, with its cute orange color, is equipped with Taiwanese component blend microSHIFT. The recently trendy front single gear reduces shifting troubles and allows you to ride with confidence even on roads with many ups and downs. The XS size also allows smaller riders to enjoy dirt roads.



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Cannondale" sports bike brand

cannondale is an American sports bike manufacturer, famous for its road bikes and mountain bikes. at RIDEAWAY Nakanoshima home, we also have road bikes Synapse and CAAD optimo 2, and cross bike Bad Boy 3. RIDEAWAY Nakanoshima Home also rents the road bike Synapse and CAAD optimo 2.

On the gravel road
Cycling along the Tama River

Basically, the entire section of the Tama River Bike Path is paved and maintained for safe and easy riding. However, there are exceptions, such as near the Tama Suido Bridge, where there is a gravel road branching off toward the immediate vicinity of the river.


In such areas, a thick and stable gravel road can be pushed through.


However, if the size of the stones on the ground exceeds the gravel to the size of pebbles, even a gravel road can be dangerous because the handlebars can be caught. Beginners should take it easy.

Approximate travelable roads
Approximate paths to watch out for
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