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How to use Tachikawa Base (unmanned store)

Tachikawa Base is an unmanned experimental store. We will provide you with information on how to borrow and return items on the day of your reservation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

01 How to make a reservation (submission of identification documents)

Tachikawa Base is an unmanned operation. You will be required to submit personal identification documents prior to making a reservation. The process of identification and reservation is as follows.

booking is done

When a reservation for Tachikawa base is completed, a "Notification of PIN code for Tachikawa entry" e-mail will be issued separately from the reservation completion e-mail.

02 Lending

*All vehicles at the Tachikawa base have the green TS mark. Please refer to the insurance summary for details on coverage.

*Basic coverage is bodily injury insurance. We recommend that you purchase 1-Day Leisure Insurance, which is available at 7-Eleven.

❶ 予約完了時に送られるメールに記載のPINコードで立川店舗に入店します。

There is an electronic lock at the store entrance

Can be entered by touching the electronic lock

Please use your PIN code to unlock the door.

❷Confirm that you have the reserved bicycle and check the bicycle number on the bicycle rack.

*Please confirm the name of the reserved bicycle from the reservation e-mail.

❸Take a bicycle management smartphone with the same number from the smartphone rack on the tabletop.

*The number is written on the back of the smartphone.

❹Please remove the rental case from the locker with the same number. Inside it you will find your rental card and a key to be used when parking your bicycle. The key release number is written on the back of the rental card.

*Please put your smartphone in the rental case.
*You can leave your luggage in the locker.

❺Check the bicycle for obvious abnormalities.
Example: Is the brake not scuffed by gripping it? Is the tire obviously deflated?
*Please adjust the saddle height by yourself.

If there is no air in the tires, please adjust the air by yourself.

(For information on how to inflate and air pressure, please refer to the instructions on how to use an inflator.

❻Read the PayPay QR code placed on the table, confirm the amount, and pay.

❼ Please wear a helmet
*As of April 1, 2023, it has become mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. For your safety, please cooperate in wearing a helmet.
Helmets are one size fits all. Please adjust it by turning the adjustment dial on the back of the head.

*Helmet inner wear is available. Please cooperate in wearing inner wear.
Please be careful not to damage or lose your helmet. (Please do not handle it roughly.) *Please contact Nakanoshima store (090-8011-0031) in case of damage or loss.
Please contact the Nakanoshima store (090-8011-0031) in case of damage or loss.
*Please use a spare one (on the table) in case of damage.

How to use the helmet

The helmet can be adjusted for size by turning the dial on the back of the head to the left or right.
Please adjust it to fit your size.

In the above photo, turn the dial to the right (red arrow) to close the width.



Turn the dial to the left (blue arrow) to close the width.

❽ When you are ready to depart, please take your bicycle out and take care.

03 How to use the inflator

❶How to use the inflator
Tire inflation is done through the tire valve.
There are two types of valves for bicycles available in stores.

The compatible air pressure for each bicycle is listed on the rental card.
Please check the back of the rental card and inflate it.

The following bicycles are supported.

Cross Bike
Felt Verza Speed 40


Road Bike



04 Return

Please return the bike to the same bike rack as when you rented it.

*Please use unnumbered racks if other bicycles are in the room.

❷ Return the phone to the tabletop phone rack and plug in the charging cord.

❸ Please return your helmet and rental case to your locker. Please make sure that your rental card and key are in the locker. If you have checked luggage, please make sure that you have not forgotten anything.

*Please leave the locker key inserted.

❹ Please cooperate with deodorization and sterilization when returning helmets.
Please return helmets to the original lockers after cleaning with deodorant spray and sterilization sheets on the table.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

*Please be careful not to confuse it with the items in other lockers.

❺ If you damage your bicycle during your stay or notice anything unusual while riding, please contact our staff using the emergency contact method. If there is nothing special, please leave the store without leaving.

05 Contact in case of emergency

1. contact via FACETIME

Please call the Nakanoshima terminal from the iPad installed at the Tachikawa branch.
The following hours are available.
Weekends and holidays: 9:00-17:30

2. Contact by phone

*Contact numbers for weekdays are different from those for weekends and holidays.
*Please call us after paying attention to the contact information.

Contact on weekday

On weekdays, please contact us at the following phone number
Available hours are as follows
9:30 to 18:00

For inquiries outside of the above FACETIME and telephone hours, please contact us on LINE.

Please note that it may take some time for us to reply to inquiries on LINE.

3. contact us on LINE

Please contact us from the talk screen of the RIDEAWAY official account and click "Contact Us" in the fixed menu.
Follow the directions,
Name at the time of reservation

Reservation date and time

Please state your name at the time of reservation, the date and time of your reservation.

make a reservation

Membership registration is required to use RIDEAWAY.

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