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Background of RIDEAWAY


​Bicycle rental business started by a small IT company in Shibuya

About Us

Ride Away is a bicycle rental company specializing in sports bikes, located a 3-minute walk from Nakanojima Station (Kawasaki City) on the Nambu Line.

Although it is located near the city center, the Tama River riverbed with its spacious scenery and rich nature is the perfect place for relaxation for city people who spend their busy lives.

The best way to enjoy nature to the fullest is by bicycle. There is a cycling road that extends over 50 km from the river mouth, and it is called ``Tama Sai'' and is a place of relaxation for many people.

Nakanojima, located 25 km from the river mouth, is in a perfect location to go to the mountainous areas upstream, or downstream to the river mouth and Haneda Airport.

If you want to get in touch with nature, relax outside, or go far by bike, please come visit Ride Away!

Nakanojima Station

Number of RIDEAWAY locations

Currently 2 locations


Nakanojima home

(JR Nambu Line)


Tachikawa base

(Tama Monorail)


Tachikawa base

(Tama Monorail)

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